Hiring Tips and Tricks

How does your company attract the best talent?

Hiring the best people remains one of the top challenges for HR in 2023. With unemployment at historical lows, many companies struggle to find qualified candidates for open roles in a timely manner.

Here are a few practical tips to help your company:

  1. Demonstrate that your company invests in its people by fostering a strong set of values and a clear sense of purpose.
  2. Offer flexible work arrangements. This could simply be offering the option to work remotely or allowing employees more autonomy in setting their hours.
  3. Strengthen management and employee relationships. Following COVID, it is critical to focus on these relationships to ensure that employees are engaged, feel like they belong, and trust their manager. Invest in training for your managers, and teach them to become successful leaders.

Attracting the best talent is critical to your company’s success. After these individuals are identified and hired, retaining them becomes the next critical mission. Stay tuned for next month’s blog on practical tips to retain your employees.

If you have any questions regarding best hiring practices, please call or email Leslie Even, lesliee@turkestrauss.com or (608) 575-3836.

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