Real Estate / Construction

Whether you are buying, selling or leasing commercial or residential property, Turke & Strauss can make sure your rights are protected before and after the deal closes.

Perhaps not recently, but Turke & Strauss construction attorneys actually have pounded a nail, wired a circuit or poured concrete on a construction site. This real-world industry experience helps us to help you with your construction-related legal needs, whether they are deal-forming or deal-breaking. On the deal side, we represent owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and suppliers in negotiating and drafting construction-related agreements, including bid documents, design-build contracts, general contractor agreements, subcontracts, joint venture agreements, bid documents, purchase orders and the like. We know that time is money in construction, so we help you get your deal done on time and under budget.

But things don’t always go perfectly. Leveraging our extensive construction litigation experience, we also help you quickly and efficiently resolve construction disputes if they arise, so you can get back to business. At Turke & Strauss we handle disputes arising before, during or after construction including supplier disputes, lien claims, change order disputes and construction defect matters to name a few. Our experience includes handling mediation, litigation and arbitration. We want you to avoid costly legal disputes, but we fight hard to win them.