Outside General Counsel

At Turke & Strauss, we want to partner with clients to help them cost-effectively manage their legal matters. For clients without a dedicated legal person in-house, we offer “outside” general counsel services to help your business manage risk.

So why would I need these services?

As background, “in-house” counsel is your employee who performs some (but not all) of your day-to day legal matters, gives a legal “gut-check” to your business decisions and selects and manages outsidecounsel (law firms like us) for all other legal matters. In-house counsel manages your legal budget and should tell you whether outside counsel is doing a good job. Perhaps most importantly, having in-house counsel allows you to focus on running and growing your business.

That’s great, but I don’t want — or can’t afford — to hire a dedicated attorney in-house.

Turke & Strauss knows that.  Many businesses simply do not need a full-time or even part-time in-house counsel.  Using a customized fee for an agreed-upon scope (let’s say 10 vendor contract reviews and 5 hours of HR consultations) you can retain Turke & Strauss to handle “in-house” functions as you need them. If your company uses legal counsel other than Turke & Strauss for a matter, we can give you the straight scoop on whether your strategy is sound and legal bills are reasonable. Our outside general counseling also includes workplace training, “best practice” recommendations to reduce legal risk. We offer the flexibility to retain our services on an hourly, flat-rate or project based retainer.