DSC_0629The Best Litigation Team

Q: Mary, what is your ideal litigation team?

A: My ideal litigation team includes one other attorney who becomes immersed in the case along with me, understanding the legal theories and the facts that support them. That’s important for a couple of reasons. First, two heads are better than one when it comes to litigation strategy. Second, my co-counsel and I are able to divide and conquer when it comes to depositions and other discovery tasks.

Q: If the case goes to trial do you change the team?

A: Typically not. Two attorneys can be a very effective trial team. Trial lawyers need to establish a rapport with a jury, and that can be difficult if tasks are divided among too many people. For consistency, only one of us handles both opening and closing statements but we divide up the witnesses and each of us conducts direct and cross-examinations.

Q: Any other “must-haves” for your litigation team?

A: An easy-to-understand story that explains why you win. Even the most complex cases can be discussed in terms of everyday life experiences to which juries can relate.